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The Photographer of the Hamptons

Everywhere you look on social media, from Instagram to Facebook you will see the brilliant work from East Hampton’s local photographer Diana Lee Balnis. She specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography but it doesn’t end there. She even captures couples on their wedding day. Before my annual family photo session (that I am looking forward to later this month), I was able to catch up with Diana for a rapid fire Q & A.

CCB: When did you know you wanted to be a photographer? 

I have always wanted to be one, I used to take classes when I was in high school and just loved it!

CCB: When did you start professionally?

5 years ago

CCB: How did you come to focus on maternity and children?

I just love working with children, love getting that perfect shot of little kids! Maternity I feel like is such a beautiful time in life to capture

 CCB: When & How did you start photographing weddings?

Weddings I started about 5 years ago as well

CCB: How many children do you have?

I have two kids – 5/7 Boy and girl

 CCB: What’s your ideal setting for a photoshoot?

Ideal setting would be a field with tall grass

CCB: What’s the ideal time of pregnancy for maternity shoots?

maternity is around 34/36 weeks

CCB: What’s the ideal age for newborn shoots?

Newborn under two weeks

CCB: Any tips and advice for parents before a photoshoot?

Just don’t stress out about the session, stay calm and let the photographer do all the work! Don’t get frustrated with your kids, they are kids and will do silly things, when you get frustrated and mad they sense it and then it never works!! Bribing is always a good thing to help!

To learn more about Diana Lee Photography visit her website .

Here are some images that she has captured of my family over the years.

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